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Floatation Therapy is a zero-gravity environment that allows the mind and body to completely let go, relax, and reset. Using 1,000 pounds of Epsom Salts with the water and air temperature controlled to match your body temperature, the buoyancy of the water makes makes you feel like you are literally floating on air. By eliminating the forces of gravity pulling on the musculoskeletal and nervous systems, you can effortlessly relieve pain, relax, recover, and improve sleep in this unique state. Flotation therapy offers cumulative benefits —they build on themselves with each subsequent session (the more you float, the better it gets!).

Ultimate Relaxation

Over half a tonne of Epsom Salts in each float room has a profound relaxing effect on the muscles, easing away any tightness or stiffness in your body. The Magnesium in the Epsom Salts also calms the nervous system. A fantastic antidote to the fact that the nervous system takes longer to relax and shut off than the rest of the body, bringing a serene calmness that would be otherwise out of reach.

Pain Relief

Floating removes every stress from the body including gravity. In removing all forces acting on the body we enter a state whereby healing is accelerated. Blood pressure is reduced and blood flows more freely through the muscles, connective tissues and joints. Whilst floating, drug free relief from pain leads to a feeling of comfort and relief incomparable to any other. The relaxing effect of the Magnesium on the muscular and nervous system means that this feeling of relief can last for days afterwards.

Stress & Anxiety Relief

Whilst in the float rooms you experience an environment where all of the senses – light, sound, touch – are reduced and as you slip in to deep relaxation you experience a sense of calm not experienced before. In terms of anxiety this represents a new ‘set’ point in terms of calming the mind. Simply knowing you are able to reach this level of calm is of comfort and the more times you float and reach this level.

Sleep Enhancement – 1 Hr Floating = 4 Hrs Sleep

Getting a relaxed full nights sleep is becoming more and more rare and the negative health affects are staggering. Many people struggle to switch off when getting into bed and due to tight and stiff muscles can’t get comfortable. Following a float session, the amount of magnesium absorbed and the muscle relaxant and nervous system calming affect this magic mineral has, most people report literally melting in to their mattress and experiencing the best and most restorative nights sleep imaginable. This effect can last for days.

Floatation Therapy & MAGNESIUM – The Miracle Compound…

Magnesium regulates a whole host of vital processes in your body, yet most people are deficient in this magic Mineral. Deficiency in this mineral manifests in a large number of conditions, both physical and mental in nature. An effective way that Magnesium can be absorbed in to the body is through the skin and with half a ton of Magnesium salt dissolved in each of our Float Rooms, floatation therapy is a great way to get this in to the body.

Multiple Benefits of Floatation and Magnesium

  • Calms The Nervous System
  • Reduces Cortisol Levels
  • Relaxes Your Muscles
  • Reduces Blood Pressure
  • Improves Digestion
  • Detoxification
  • Boosts Immune Health
  • Safe for Pregnant Women
  • Improves Or Eliminates Minor Skin Conditions
  • Can improve PMS symptoms Can Prevent Migraines